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Updates, Warnings and Suggestions , by Gayle Quin

By Hempology | January 8, 2008

PROTEST BILL C-26 ACROSS THE NATION! NOON, Monday December 17 at your local MPs office. Or join us at NDPs leader Denise Savoie’s office, 970 Blanchard St, or the Conservative MP Gary Lunn’s office at 9843 Second St. Sidney, B.C. A great big thank you to every one who contributed to this years Silent Art Auction on Nov 15, International Medical Marijuana Day! We raised $750 to contribute to our dept. Next year we are going to use the proceeds to hire someone to work on the Research Project full time. Take note that we open at noon on Christmas and New Years Days. Please remember that our Research Project is ongoing and a great way to both track your personal health record and show your physician what cannabis does for you. Through proving efficacy and demanding our right to choose medications suited to individual needs will we see cannabis legalized. Ask your physician to fill in MMAR forms, and if they won’t, ask them to put in writing the reason for refusing. This, you can then take to your local MPs office and help win this war. Hempology 101will be holding its annual Cannabis Caroling Evening on Dec 19. We meet at the Ministry of Health Bldg. (corner of Pandora and Blanchard) at 7:00 pm and then start singing our way around town! It’s a fun night you won’t ever forget!

On January 27, 2008, the Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada will be celebrating its 12th Anniversary with a night full of fun, music and friends. It’s a Pot Luck Affair so bring what you want to enjoy for the evening, with some extra for everyone else as well. It starts at 7pm at the Fernwood Community Association, 1923 Fernwood .

The International Hempology 101 Society will host the 9th Annual Cannabis Convention on February 10, 2008. This year’s list of speakers is so exciting if I get started I won’t be able to stop, so please read all about it in this issues special article! The Lecture Series at UVIC takes a break until Jan 9/08, when it starts off with Hemp History. The lecture is free for all to attend, you can watch from home live from a link on, or you can watch later on You Tube. Thanks for tuning in! Don’t forget long winter nights are a great time to study up for next years REACH FOR THE POT tournament which will be held in Beacon Hill Park through May and June. Sign up starts on April 20. It’s a great way to stay informed and have fun while learning!

The University Hempology 101 Club recently was honoured to have Dr. Paul Hornby teach a special 1 hour lecture on the Chemistry of Cannabis. This has always been an area of special interest to me. Speaking as a maker of medicines one always hopes to make the most beneficial product possible. The cannabis plant is extremely interesting in that 2/3 of its chemical makeup is inactive until heated. This is why the main way of ingesting cannabis continues to be smoking. Heating cannabis increases its potency and is the reason that you don’t get high if you make a cannabis salad (unless you toast your buds first). You don’t want to expose it to too high or prolonged a temperature, or you start to destroy its active chemicals. The easiest way to convert THC-acid and CBD-acid into active THC and CBD is to spread your cannabis evenly on a cookie sheet and heat to 250o F for 30 minutes. Then cook the cannabis in butter or oil in a double boiler for 30 minutes to 1 hour to extract the cannabinoids from the plant material. One ounce of good leaf cooked into 1 cup of oil will make 25 cookies, and ¼ ounce of bud will make 150 cookies. Add into your favourite recipe, trying to keep the cooking temperature under 300oF and around an hour or less. Whatever you do, have fun and don’t forget the lecithin! Thanks Dr. Hornby for teaching us and the world how to make better cannabis products. Many members have noticed the difference since we changed the way we bake.

Thanks for reading and supporting Hempology 101!

We are pleased to announce that we have another speaker from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition coming to this year’s convention. Jim Byron joined LEAP after retiring from over 30 years as a United States Customs Inspector. His first hand experience proved to him that the War on Drugs could never be won, and that the government would be better off legalizing dangerous drugs to take the profits away from organized crime. Mr. Byron is also a volunteer with the King County Bar Association Drug Policy Project ( in Seattle, Washington. The final speaker will be lawyer Kirk Tousaw. Kirk is involved in many important cannabis cases, including the VICS trial with their 900 plant grow-op. He will be highlighting the constitutional flaws of the MMAR and share his thoughts on fighting Bill C-26. See more of his work at The UVSS Hempology 101 Club has grown into the largest student club on campus, with well over 420 members last year and even larger turnouts at this years events. We teach a free lecture series 6 months of the year at the University of Victoria, which are available live on-line through The convention should also be available live on-line, and as much footage as possible will be posted later on youtube. For any more information about the 9th Annual Cannabis Convention call 250-381-4220 or email

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