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Cannabis Digest Coming Soon

By Hempology | October 10, 2003

more by Ted Smith

By Ted Smith

International Hempology 101 Society

Victoria, B.C.: A free, quarterly newsletter will once again be published by
the International Hempology 101 Society. CANNABIS DIGEST will feature legal updates,
medical information, commentary, stories and current activities of the society
and the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada.

Formerly known as The Bud and The Bud Wiser, there is no question that the newsletter
has been an important missing part of our work. This new version will take our
communication capacity to a higher level.

Through advertising, subscriptions and donations we intend upon growing this
newsletter. This will only be accomplished by providing clear, accurate information
which is relevant and compelling to both non-cannabis consumers and potheads.
While many cannabis publications provide quality material, there is no doubt that
CANNABIS DIGEST will assist in the development oft he Hempology 101 and Cannabis
Buyers’ Club activities and benefit the greater cannabis culture at the same time.

Written submissions for this edition will be accepted by the editors until
November 11th. Please keep all submissions to between 200 and 300 words
and please do not be upset if your contribution is not accepted. Many submissions
which don get printed will get posted on the webpage. The general areas
we need contributions for are political commentary, history, personal stories
and legal updates. As the publication grows, so will the opportunities to contribute.

The first edition of CANNABIS DIGEST will be released on Saturday, November 15th
as part of the International Medical Marijuana Day ceremonies.

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